Warren’s Peugeot

It is the only car I have – 30 years old now and over 800 000 Km on the clock – and still nothing done to the motor, or transmission (except glow plugs and a throttle cable)- even after pulling loads of furniture up the freeway (about 2 tonnes) – in bottom gear all the way to the summit..  I towed the load back again, after my daughter’s friend”s Commodore overheated bringing the empty trailer down here from Adelaide.  The only trouble with the motor has been that things vibrate off. (Exhaust pipe, alternator, vacuum pump, air filter.)

I must tell you about driving the car down to Adelaide and out to Paralowie without a throttle cable – just a length of “Whipper Snipper line through a convenient hole in the fire wall.  I must admit that I was relieved to fit the newcable after purchasing it along the Main North Road.

Just yet another adventure with the Pug:

Two years ago, the members of the Lions Club were apparently having bets on the side, as they didn’t think that we would make it to Albany and back, towing a camper trailer.  The only problem we had was with  a tyre on the trailer at Balladonia.  The tread was lifting.  I put on the spare, off a “Mini” with scollops out of it , reduced my speed to 85-90 Km/Hr and drove across the Nullarbor without a spare.  We were relieved to be able to replace the tyre at Ceduna, but we pressed on, knowing that we had a new spare, and built up the speed.  The morning after arriving home, I walked out to find the tyre had gone flat!

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