One Very Surprised Commuter

Picture the scene: A well known green 404 is waiting for a gap in the traffic on a wet Fullarton Road well after lighting up time. It’s that section south of the old Queen Vic. A dawdling commuter is startled by an assertively accelerating ute which pulls out from a gap in the landscaped island, only to suddenly cease it’s wheel-spinning progress with a bang, perhaps only audible to the driver. Progress under momentum only then takes the vehicle up andover the island, through the vegetation, and back to the safety of the parking spaces”outside work”. What else would you do, not wanting to hold up the Friday night traffic with a broken diff?

A swift trip to Basket Range next day sourced a standard 505 diff which has the same crown wheel and pinion, and a wagon/ute tailshaft, in case the spline section had sheared off.

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